$500 e-Commerce Grant Applications Are Now Available

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e-Commerce Grant Now Available to Highland Businesses

On May 18th, City Council officials approved a grant program to incentivize Highland businesses to implement e-Commerce solutions to facilitate purchases on their website. The Industrial Development Commission and Highland Communication Services partnered to launch the program, allowing businesses a grant of $500 to be used toward the cost of e-Commerce implementation.

Any brick-and-mortar Highland business that does not offer an e-Commerce option is eligible to apply. Once an application is submitted, applicants will be notified of approval after verification of the absence of an e-Commerce solution on the applicant’s website. The applicant will have three months to deploy the solution and, once the solution is verified, will receive the $500 grant. The Highland Chamber of Commerce has offered to provide guidance to businesses looking to implement e-Commerce.

The grant application can be accessed on the Industrial Development Commission’s page at the link below:

For more information, please contact Director of Technology & Innovation Angela Imming (aimming@highlandil.gov) or Economic Development Coordinator Mallord Hubbard (mhubbard@highlandil.gov).