Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission

List of 2023 Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission Meeting Dates 
Master List of 2023 City of Highland Meeting Dates

3 years

This board meets the third Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at 7pm at the Korte Recreation Center, 1 Nagel Drive, Highland, Il.

Mark Rosen at, 618-651-1386

Steven "Tom" Mifflin Term Expires:  July 31, 2025
Phone:  (618) 558-6913 Email:
Brooke Michele Lipe Term Expires:  July 31, 2025
Phone:  (618) 581-1094  (Daytime) Email:
Garry N. Klaus Term Expires:  July 31, 2023
Phone:  (703) 971-2964 Email:
Heather Marie Warren Term Expires:  July 31, 2023
Phone:  (618) 406-8855 Email:
Joseph B. Garson Term Expires:  July 31, 2023
Phone:  (618) 882-8075 Email:
Erin Nicole Mignin Term Expires:  July 31, 2024
Phone:  (618) 567-1942 Email:
John B. Coziar Term Expires:  July 31, 2024
Phone:  (618) 910-4107 Email:


Gary Klaus, Park & Rec Advisory Commission

The 1968 Highland High School graduated, served 27 years in the Marine Corps, worked his way up from private to  Lieutenant Colonel, served in various assignments worldwide, primarily in the Marine Aviation Ordnance Safety and Logistics community, additionally he put 19 Years as a Civilian Federal Government employee working at the Pentagon Arlington and/or Marine Corps Base Quantico VA; primarily in the Marine Ground Acquisition and Safety responsibilities.  He returned to his home town of Highland in January 2016.  Currently as a program analyst, he is supporting Acquisition functions for the United States Transportation Command, located on Scott Air Force Base, Il.   

He has a BA in Business Administration.  As a  Martial Artist with 50 years' experience, Martial Arts business owner of 15 years, author of two Martial Arts Self-Defense books and he has been the recipient of numerous Martial Art awards and accolades.  Sensei Klaus continues to grow his knowledge and skill level in his chosen style of GOJU Karate and teaches self-defense in the Madison County area.  Raced NASCAR weekly racing series 1996-2001 at Old Dominion Speed way in Manassas VA and currently races at Highland and Tri City speedway.   He services as an active member of the Highland Optimist.  

Heather Warren, Parks & Rec Advisory Commission & Tree Commission
My name is Heather Warren and I am originally from Niceville, FL.  We ended up stationed  at Scott AFB after our 4 year tour in Germany due to the military.  My husband retired from the military and we chose Highland, IL as our home about 6 years ago.  We have 3 boys, 2 who have graduated and one that is currently attending school here in Highland.  When I am not being a mom/wife, I am an artist and have been for 9 years, and I am also a Genealogist helping adoptees find their birth parents through DNA and research.