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The way we watch Television is changing. 

In part, it is changing because of new expectations of consumers.  Rather than scheduling time and putting duties aside to watch the season premiere of a favorite show, consumers download their favorite show and watch it when they have time, when and where it is convenient for them.  
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The other cause for the change is the outrageous costs associated with traditional cable TV.    Since the inception of HCS. your Hometown service provider, we strive to provide outstanding services with outstanding rates.  Unfortunately, federal law allows local U.S. broadcast television stations (i.e. Fox 2, CBS, WGN, etc.) to negotiate with cable and satellite providers in order to obtain 'consent' to carry their broadcast signals (Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992).  As a direct result, broadcast fees have become bloated and are passed on to HCS.  

We are making adjustments to address both of these drastic changes.   

First, we have developed a new Television Product designed for your convenience.   The new product, called VTV or Victory TV, does not require a set top box and is delivered to you over wireless connectivity.  The application based product is also downloadable on some Smart TVs and mobile devices allowing for ease of watching.  DVR and on demand will be offered with VTV. 

Our technicians will set up the Firesticks, provided by HCS if our customer needs them and, then they will download VTV for you.   Most of our customers find the new remote control much easier to use then the models with several buttons. and, it can be fully synchronized with your TV reducing the need for multiple remote controls.  

The VTV picture is improved from 780 pixels to 1080 pixels for quality viewing experience.   Picture in picture is available and, a list of your favorite channels allows for easy channel surfing. 

We are in the process of migrating all HCS TV customers over to the new platform.   The deadline for the migration is Dec. 15, 2021.   If we miss this deadline, HCS will have to renew very costly contracts through 2022.   Representatives from HCS will be contacting our customers to schedule time to migrate. 

Because this product will reduce the cost of providing TV content to you, we are able to keep our operating costs to a minimum and absorb the extra fees passed down from the broadcasters.  We will continue to do this until it becomes a hardship.

Apply to have VTV at your fingertips today!

HCS is also trying to reduce the cost of managing our day-to-day business. 

This is where YOU CAN HELP!
 Go Green:  Please sign up to receive your HCS bills via email and pay on line.  This further reduces the costs associated with procuring paper, the labor associated with printing and mailing and opening and entering payments.   Please call us at 654-1519 or stop in to City Hall if you have questions about going green.    We are so honored to be able to serve our citizens.  Thank you for your business!hand tree