Library Board of Trustees

Meeting schedule

The Library Board of Trustees meets at the Library (1001 9th Street) on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM, with the exception of July and December..

List of 2024 meeting dates of the Library Board of Trustees 
Master List of 2024 City of Highland Meeting Dates

Powers and responsibilities of the Library Board of Trustees
The Louis Latzer Memorial Public Library shall be under the supervision and management of the Library Board of Trustees to be appointed in accordance with state statutes relating to public libraries (75 ILCS 5/  Illinois Local Library Act).  The board of trustees shall have all the power and authority conferred by such statutes and shall make rules governing the use of the library and reading rooms, and shall do all and any acts necessary for the proper maintenance of the library and reading rooms in accordance with such statutes. 

3 Year Terms

Name Position Term Expires Phone Email
Sharon Rinderer President June 30, 2024 618-654-8156  
Nancy Genteman Vice President June 30, 2026 618-792-2288
William Wagner   June 30, 2025 618-401-0681
Justin McLaughlin   June 30, 2025 618-410-3211
Susan Martz   June 30, 2025 618-410-0880
Joshua Short   June 30, 2026 618-520-9148
Marshall Rinderer   June 30, 2026 618-882-6390
Shaun Voegele   June 30, 2024 618-781-8401
Amy L. Kloss   June 30, 2024 618-407-7819