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Fire House
Beginning February 28th Highland Fire Department Station 1 will be temporarily vacant. The temporary vacancy comes from a large amount of construction that will occur over the next 5 months to the building.

Highland Fire Department Ambulance Service will be temporarily relocating to the new Highland-Pierron fire station located at 12611 Iberg Road.

Highland Fire Department billing services will be located inside of the Highland Communication Services building located at 192 Woodcrest Drive.  All paperwork or bills being paid will need to go to City Hall.  If someone will need to see or speak to someone in person they will need to contact Stephanie at 618-651-9801 or email snicklin@highlandil.gov to have special arrangements made. 

All of Fire operations will be ran out of Highland Fire Department Station #2 located at 185 Woodcrest Drive until the construction is completed.

Fire House
Please contact our disptach center for all emergency and non emergency calls. If you have an emergency DIAL 911 if you do not have an emergency DIAL 618-654-2131. The Fire Department landline will be unavailable during the time of renovation. 

Please contact Chief Wilson with any questions or inquiries at 618-654-3827 or email bwilson@highlandil.gov

We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank the community for understanding and for the support.