Be our neighbor

"Highland has a strong sense of community spirit, pride, and engagement as evident in the number of community organizations, indoor & outdoor venues, park lands, and community involvement.  It's a great place to come home to."  - Sandy Bisto

..... Here is why you should be our neighbor

My girlfriend and I chose Highland as the location for our first home for several reasons. We were looking for a community to settle down and start a family. Highland fit the bill perfectly. I grew up about 10 miles from Highland so I knew they had a good school district and a community of good people with quite a bit to offer for a town of its size. We moved in September 2019 and haven't been disappointed yet. We were pleased to find out our neighbors were really kind people. the first weekend we moved in we got a heaping plate of BBQ delivered by one and another mowed our lawn before we even had a chance to meet!
It seems like Highland is hosting an event every weekend at one of the numerous parks we've discovered in our short time here (seriously I find a new park like once a week). It's a nice convenient location that has that small town feel we love so much while also being close to some of the big city amenities that St. Louis has to offer. We've also noticed that we rarely need to leave Highland to grab any last minute items. what used to be an hour ordeal in our old apartment in Shiloh is now a quick 10 minute trip in town. Although we weren't aware of it when we decided to move here, the Highland communication services is a huge bonus to living here. Getting to deal with people from the community that actually want to help you instead of corporate drones at large ISPs and cable companies makes the experience when contacting them much more pleasant, not to mention it has also been cheaper for us. The Lory Theatre is one of my favorite venues in town and provides such a unique experience we have started going to the movies again which I hadn't done much of in the prior 10 years. We've liked it so much here I think we've actually got a few of our friends looking to move here for their next home! 
-Michael Batemann and Lauren Englert

And another reason......

Our first move to Highland was in October 1997.  We came to this area for my husband’s job placement.  Even though his job was in Vandalia, IL, we chose Highland because 1) we had recommendation from the prior manager that he was replacing, who also lived in Highland,  2) airport was only 45 minutes away as he would be traveling frequently, 3) the schools were highly rated and 4) we loved the small-town feel. 

Both of our children graduated from Highland High School.  Our daughter married here and is raising her three children here.  After being here 9 years, we were relocated 3 more times.  In 2013, we were given the opportunity to move nearer to St. Louis for business reasons and we chose to come back “Home”.  We love Highland for the small friendly town that it is and the convenience of the city when it’s needed.  In 2014, my husband and I began a business renovating and re-selling the older beautiful homes in Highland. Our son, who moved away in 2006 is now home again and works with us in the business.  In 2016 we took on a challenge of buying operating the oldest existing business in Highland which was a florist and greenhouse.  After renovating the building and adding a coffee and wine shop, we have proudly sold this popular business, just recently, to new owners who have now made Highland their home.

We are happy to call Highland our home!

Retha Turner