Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information

It is the policy of the City of Highland to fill all requests for public documents in accordance with State law.  Requests will be processed within five (5) business days.  If requests require research or are unusually large, the City may request additional time in accordance with the Act. 

Requests of a commercial nature are subject to different regulations which extend the response time permitted by law.  It is the policy of the City of Highland to ensure that all requests are properly and promptly completed

Requests must be made in writing.  The Freedom of Information General Records Request Form  is provided for your convenience.  It is available on-line and in the office of the City Clerk.  Requests may be made in person, mail, facsimile or electronically. 

You may also request Police Records by using the Police Records Request Form.  It is also available on-line for your convenience or at the Police Department. 

Indicate whether you request only to inspect the public records at the City Hall or whether you also request to have the public records copied or certified by checking the appropriate box, or indicating that in your written request.  

By submitting this Request Form, you are agreeing to pay to the City the copying and certification fees beyond the fifty pages, which are free of charge.   After the first fifty pages, the fee is .15 cents per page.  Additional charges may be imposed for large format, certain electronic media or color copies, if available. 

City of Highland FOIA Officers    
For General Records:    
Lana Hediger Email Lana Hediger Please Use Subject:    FOIA
Megan Von Hatten Email Megan Von Hatten Please Use Subject:    FOIA
For Police Records:    
Karen Leadbetter Email Karen Leadbetter  Please Use Subject:    FOIA
Kelsey Chadwick Email Kelsey Chadwick Please Use Subject:    FOIA
Carole Presson Email Carole Presson Please Use Subject:    FOIA