Current status is GREEN.    All Systems are GO! 

Do I need to sign a contract?

We do not offer or require contracts.

Will my rates go up after two years?
Changes in rates require approval from city council.  While we keep our prices as low as possible from time to time they need to be updated.  If that happens, you will be notified in advance and, the rate will change for everyone.  It is not tied to a customer.

Are there any discounts?

We offer discounts to our customers taking multiple products.  When subscribed to Internet, TV and phone, you will receive a monthly credit of $10.00. When subscribed to any two services your credit will be $5.00 per month.

Are you in my neighborhood?
Check our interactive map here to find out.

Do I need a 'box' in order to have your video service?  
Yes and no.  If you are looking for Hi Definition programming and any programming outside of our RF offering, yes, a set top box is required.  This box is what talks to your TV from the equipment in our data center.
However, we do offer a very basic package of 30 mostly local channels in Standard Definition that does not require a box.  

Can I keep my same phone number if I move to HCS?
Yes, you can.  And HCS offers outstanding phone services will features rivaling the tier 1 providers.  Find me follow me, voice mail, voice mail to email, call blocking, and many other features are available at rates that blow the competition down. 

Are bundles required?
Not at all.  In fact, we only offer one bundle called the Streamer's Dream.  The bundles includes our wireless because we have to be able to troubleshoot if the service is not performing.

I'm nervous about making the switch.  What do others think about HCS?

Michael J Durbin, St. Paul Parish said this:  "It is with pleasure that we share comments on our experience with Highland Communication Services, HCS, in providing our St. Paul Parish and School communication services. While we have choices in providers of our communication service, we feel very comfortable in the level of responsiveness and excellence provided by HCS.

The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing proper systems, useful insights on meeting our needs, practical timelines of implementation, and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations and necessary due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity, and grace.

Thus, we highly recommend HCS to any Highland community household or business. HCS truly believes in their mission to serve the community for the good of the community."

Brad Haug of Haug Orthodontics said, "Everything seems to be fabulous at this point! Much better than the air card we were running on, faster than the charter service we had at our previous location. Thank you!"

Jacqueline Hegger said "We made the switch to HCS for all three services as soon as it became available in our area and love it. Before switching our television service was pricey, our phone service was unreliable, and our Internet was slow. Now we have affordable television, reliable phone service, fast Internet service and best of all I can work from home without worrying any more about missing a phone call, email, or fax because of service. Thank you Highland Communications for having superior service and friendly staff."

Leonard Landmann is also a fan.   "Support local business" and because "the cost is less". He feels it was a good choice because "the service (if needed) is right here" and "it's a great company!" If you're on the fence about switching over he told us "the person we talked to about hook-up was very knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to" and "the installation was done by people who knew how!" "Keep up the good work.".