Feb 22, 2023 4:20pm 

HCS will begin repairing fiber after storm damaged areas are clear, safe and electric has been restored. 

The best way to let us know that your power has been restored but your HCS is not functioning is to use the 'Request A Service' feature on our website.  We will respond as quickly as possible. 

Please be advised that we will be performing routine maintenance beginning at approximately 11:59pm -  Wednesday, January 18th – until approximately 3:00am Thursday, January 19th.

Internet services will be down intermittently between these times.


City of Highland
HCS is Repairing Fiber in the Helvetia Neighborhood

Outages should be short and intermittent


HCS crews are working in the rain trying to repair fiber in the Helvetia/Main Dr. neighborhood. Outages will be short and intermittent.

City of Highland

If your VTV is not working, reset power to the Firestick and services will resume.


Services have been restored. If your VTV is not working, reset power to the Firestick and services will resume.

City of Highland

Local carrier advises crews continue to work on fibers to finish 1st hand hole and relief crews are en route to address 2nd hand hole. No ETTR at this time but temporary fix to restore service is underway.


Temporary fix to restore service is underway, according to Bluebird Network, the carrier of fiber for the HCS TV service.

City of Highland
Update Overnight Show Misidentified Issue- Fiber Being Repaired
Dec 9, 2022 @ 6:32 AM

Overnight, our data center vendor, Bluebird Networks, reported that they previously misidentified the issue as being related to power. They have now isolated the faulty fiber and are beginning repair work.  This outage is unacceptable and we will be working with our vendor to try to recover credit on your behalf.  We apologize for this terrible inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

City of Highland
Current Outage in Chicago is Impacting HCS

UPDATE: Data Center Technicians have made it to the site of the issue. We expect resolution soon.

City of Highland
Current Outage in Chicago is Impacting HCS

Victory TV is Currently Unavailable


Highland Communication Service is aware of an outage in a Chicago data center that is impacting the VTV product. Updates will be provided as they are received.


OCT. 26, 2022

City of Highland
HCS is Aware of a Squirrel Chew

Homes Near Hill Crest Dr. are Impacted; Crews are Being Dispatched

HCS is dispatching a crew of fiber technicians to the area of the Hill Crest Dr. We are aware of several outages that have been caused due to our squirrel friends.

We appreciate your patience as we re-splice the fiber!


Squirrel Top Causes of Outages

SEPT. 27 Midnight to 5 am
We will be upgrading the software on our Network equipment tonight. Brief periods of service disruptions will occur however, no long outage is expected.

This is will impact:


TV and Voice Services are not expected to be impacted.



Hello HCS customers.
Please take note that all cable operators *nation wide* will be experiencing short outages over the next several days on the channels listed below due to a satellite (Galaxy 15) losing management abilities. We have 2 weeks to move our satellite dishes to the new satellite, Galaxy 23.
We were notified today of the following:
Please be advised our National Headend Provider will be performing an emergency maintenance to perform a satellite change at the request of content providers to avoid unexpected channel interruptions due to a satellite failure. The National Headend Provider anticipates channels may experience a brief interruption of 5-15 seconds. The following channels sourced from our provider may be affected. TMIS will be working with the provider closely to ensure success with the channel functionality.
• All HBO East/West Channels
• All Cinemax East/West Channels
• All Starz East/West Channels
• Movieplex
• Big Ten/Big Ten Alt
• Tennis Channel
• Bally RSNs (Regional, meaning Midwest)
This maintenance will take place on Saturday, August 20, 2022, from 2:00AM CT to 3:00AM CT.
It will continue until the final cut over on Aug 18th.


Preventative maintenance will occur midnight until 5:30am on Aug. 18th that will impact all internet services.

Total Maintenance Time:            12:01am-5:30am
Actual Expected Down Time:   Several minutes
Impact:                                                   Internet Services.  This does not include Victory TV

July 20th, 2022
remember, if you have issues with your firestick, troubleshooting directions can be found here.
It's always a good idea to start with power cycling your firestick by removing it from it's power source, then reconnecting it to the power source. 

All systems GO!

Update at 8:27. While performing maintenance on the router in Sacramento, the router failed.  A new router is being installed.  

staff was notified at 5:30 am that overnight maintenance is taking
longer than Expected.  ExpecTed to resolve at 7am!

May 31, 1:47 pm All Sytems GO!


Will post updates here as we receive them. 


Outage has been reported somewhere between Litchfield and Chicago.   More information will follow as SOON as we receive it.  


If you have ring cameras or doorbells and are having issues with VTV, please email us at hcs@highlandil.gov.  We have found inference with the two services and we will need to do some work.

All clear
Partial VTV outage.  Working with our vendor for support. 


Almost all channels have been restored!
We have been notified that NATIONAL CHANNELS are currently out on multiple platforms.  Locals are fine.
We are investigating reports that some channels are not available on VTV.  Please come back here for updates!


There are no system wide issues with VTV. If you are having problems with the spinning red circle, please follow the instructions for clearing your cache (settings -> application -> manage applications -> move to Victory TV -> clear cache)
That will clear 99% of the issues. Remember, the firestick is a hard drive and can only hold so much data. Clearing that data will allow it to operate with the necessary resources.
HCS is here, in full force. So, if that does not work, please contact them at hcs@highlandil.gov, submit a request via the website here: https://www.highlandil.gov/citizen_request_center_app/index.php or call 618-654-1519

Jan. 24th 1:58pm

All systems are a go!!

Jan. 24th 2022 10:51
Issues reported with Firestick accessing Amazon to verify account.  This is being reported across many regions.  

I will post updates here as we get status changes!

Oct 29 9:48
All systems are a go!!

OCT 29, 2021

6:06 pm update:

Splicing has begun!!!

3:27 pm update:
Local carrier preparing to re-splice fiber damaged by vandalism.  No ETR yet.   

11:55 pm update: 

We are so frustrated to tell you that the VTV outage is related to a fiber cut outside of the City of Highland. It is a carrier issue that is being worked on but we don't have any idea what the timeframe for repair is.


Oct. 20, 2021
Service on and around west of Pike Drive East, Salmon, Main Drive, the west side of Cardinal and the east side of Helvetia might be temporarily interrupted as crews complete the resplicing of the squirrel-chewed fiber.
The outage should be very short and your service should be reestablished with no action required. 

August 27, 2021 11:49am
KSDK is currently off air.  This is an issue with KSDK.  We will update when we receive information from KDSK

Planned outage/maintenance for HCS – all services
Updated Dates

Outage Date:                     July 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th              20th, 21st and 27th
Outage Time:                    12:01am-5:00am
Outage Length:                 approx.45 min – 2 hours
Outage Impact:                 All HCS services

 Description:   Our Upstream Provider will be performing preventative maintenance causing all services to be unavailable for approx. 45 mins to 2 hours between the times of 12:01 and 5:00am on the following dates: July 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 27th.

Services in your homes should restore themselves upon completion of the maintenance, however, if your services are not functioning by 5am, please send an email to hcs@highlandil.gov and report the issues and service address. You may also call 654-1519 after 8am to report an issue so that we may service you.

Thank you for your business and patience!

June 14, 2021 

10:35 am:  we have been notified of an Indatel Fiber cut that carries some of our TV traffic.   We will provide information as it is received.

An upstream provider is reporting an outage impacting some of the HCS TV channels.  We are escalating and applying pressure to resolve this issue as soon as possible 

May 26, 2021

All Systems are a GO!

Due to equipment failure, we are experiencing issues with a couple of High Def channels.  HBO and Fox News can be found on their sister standard definition channels.   We are working hard to recover all channels as quickly as possible!

All Systems are a GO!

April 29th,  10:00am
Victory TV Outage
Important Information:
We have been notified of a fiber cut between Highland and Springfield that is impacting Victory TV customers.  Crews have been dispatched to the scene for repairs.  We currently do not have an ETA.  No other HCS services should be impacted by this outage.  Please check back here for further updates. 

March 28th, 9:00am

HCS is aware that several areas in town have been damaged by storms that occurred on March 27th.  
Please continue reading for information on timeline and what to expect

When all power is restored and lines are repaired, HCS will begin to assess damage that occurred to our fiber lines and identify which homes are without service because of that damage.  We will restore service as quickly as possible.

If you have power but your HCS services are not functioning, please take the following action, which in some cases restores services immediately:

1)  Turn off all TVs and computer devices
2)  Reboot all equipment inside of your home
3)  When lights have restored on the equipment in your home, try to reconnect
4)  If there is still no connectivity, contact HCS.
5)  If you have access to email, please send an email to hcs@highlandil.gov.  
6)  If you do not have access to email call 654-1519 and leave a message.


MARCH 23, 7:42 PM

MARCH 23, 2021

December 5, 2020:
HCS is aware of a break in fiber feeding neighborhoods around the Lake Shore Drive area.

Update:  9:10pm

Services should start being restored over the next two-three hours as crews finishing splicing.  

Update 4:36pm

Fiber has begun being spliced.  Your service might go up then down and up again a couple times over the next 4-5 hours. 
We are doing our best to restore all services with the quickest response.

Update:  1:34pm

The following addresses are either currently impacted or will be impacted during the repair of the fiber:

  • 15 White Oak Dr
  • 19 White Oak Dr
  • 20 Black Oak Dr
  • 21 Black Oak Dr
  • 30 Black Oak Dr
  • 31 Black Oak Dr
  • 1911 Lake Shore Dr
  • 2302 Park Hill Dr
  • 2123 Hill Crest Dr
  • 2126 Hill Crest Dr
  • 2143 Hill Crest Dr
  • 2149 Hill Crest Dr
  • 2160 Hill Crest Dr

It is very likely caused by a boring critter.  We are mustering up to resolve this as quickly as possible.  Splicing fiber is a long process but we will keep working until it is complete.

Please check back here for updates.

Thank you-
The HCS Team!

Planned outage/maintenance for Highland Communication Services – all services

Outage Date:                     9/3/20
Outage Time:                    12:01am-4:am
Outage Length:                 45 min 
Outage Impact:                 All HCS services

 Description:                       HCS will be performing preventative maintenance causing all services to be unavailable for between 45 mins to 2 hours between the time of 12:01 and 4:00am.  Services in your homes should restore themselves upon completion of the maintenance, however, if your services are not functioning by 4am, please send an email to hcs@highlandil.gov and report the issues and location.  You may also call 654-1519 after 8am to report an issue so that we may service you.

Thank you for your business and patience!

All systems are a GO!

Planned outage/maintenance for Highland Communication Services – all services


Outage Date:                     7/2/20

Outage Time:                    12:01am-4:am

Outage Length:                 45 min - 2 hours

Outage Impact:                 All HCS services

Description:                       HCS will be performing preventative maintenance causing all services to be unavailable for between 45 mins to 2 hours between the time of 12:01 and 4:00am.  Services in your homes should restore themselves upon completion of the maintenance, however, if your services are not functioning by 4am, please send an email to hcs@highlandil.gov and report the issues and location.  You may also call 654-1519 after 8am to report an issue so that we may service you.


Thank you for your business and patience!


Your Hometown Team


Sunday 11:00 am

SATURDAY 8:45pm - services will begin to be restored now.   If you have no service at 7am please call 654-1519.  You will not be charged.

Saturday 4:15 PM - Crews are working at the Dolphin St.  repair.  The best estimate is that around 9:00 pm services will start to be restored.

Friday 8:00PM  Crews are still working to repair this fiber.  We appreciate your patience!

There is a planned outage on the following streets as we repair fiber that the squirrels eat!   Check back here for updates but services are expected to be repaired before anyone goes home for the weekend!

2104 Salmon Dr
2001 Salmon Dr
2115 Salmon Dr
2100 Salmon Dr
2005 Salmon Dr
2017 Main Dr
2007 Main Dr
2114 Main Dr
501 Pike Dr E
601 Pike Dr E
516 Pike Dr E
603 Pike Dr E
457 Pike Dr E
702 Pike Dr E
802 Pike Dr E
507 Pike Dr E
490 Pike Dr E
481 Pike Dr E
600 Pike Dr E
480 Pike Dr E
708 Pike Dr E
451 Pike Dr E
703 Pike Dr E
461 Pike Dr E
491 Pike Dr E
707 Pike Dr E
500 Pike Dr E
706 Porpoise Dr
606 Porpoise Dr
489 Pike Dr W
499 Pike Dr W
479 Pike Dr W
525 Pike Dr W
504 Dolphin Dr E
710 Dolphin Dr E
716 Dolphin Dr E
525 Dolphin Dr E
804 Dolphin Dr E
502 Dolphin Dr E
515 Dolphin Dr E
803 Dolphin Dr E
511 Dolphin Dr E
711 Dolphin Dr E
609 Dolphin Dr E
1002 Helvetia Dr
1006 Helvetia Dr
1014 Helvetia Dr
1018 Helvetia Dr
1022 Helvetia Dr
1106 Helvetia Dr 
1110 Helvetia Dr
1116 Helvetia Dr
1118 Helvetia Dr
1120 Helvetia Dr
3 Cardinal Ln
15 Cardinal Ln
17 Cardinal Ln 
25 Cardinal Ln
31 Cardinal Ln
35 Cardinal Ln
39 Cardinal Ln 
45 Cardinal Ln

Do I need to sign a contract?

We do not offer or require contracts.

Will my rates go up after two years?
Changes in rates require approval from city council.  While we keep our prices as low as possible from time to time they need to be updated.  If that happens, you will be notified in advance and, the rate will change for everyone.  It is not tied to a customer.

Are there any discounts?

We offer discounts to our customers taking multiple products.  When subscribed to Internet, TV and phone, you will receive a monthly credit of $10.00. When subscribed to any two services your credit will be $5.00 per month.

Are you in my neighborhood?
Check our interactive map here to find out.

Do I need a 'box' in order to have your video service?  
Yes and no.  If you are looking for Hi Definition programming and any programming outside of our RF offering, yes, a set top box is required.  This box is what talks to your TV from the equipment in our data center.
However, we do offer a very basic package of 30 mostly local channels in Standard Definition that does not require a box.  

Can I keep my same phone number if I move to HCS?
Yes, you can.  And HCS offers outstanding phone services will features rivaling the tier 1 providers.  Find me follow me, voice mail, voice mail to email, call blocking, and many other features are available at rates that blow the competition down. 

Are bundles required?
Not at all.  In fact, we only offer one bundle called the Streamer's Dream.  The bundles includes our wireless because we have to be able to troubleshoot if the service is not performing.

I'm nervous about making the switch.  What do others think about HCS?

Michael J Durbin, St. Paul Parish said this:  "It is with pleasure that we share comments on our experience with Highland Communication Services, HCS, in providing our St. Paul Parish and School communication services. While we have choices in providers of our communication service, we feel very comfortable in the level of responsiveness and excellence provided by HCS.

The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing proper systems, useful insights on meeting our needs, practical timelines of implementation, and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations and necessary due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity, and grace.

Thus, we highly recommend HCS to any Highland community household or business. HCS truly believes in their mission to serve the community for the good of the community."

Brad Haug of Haug Orthodontics said, "Everything seems to be fabulous at this point! Much better than the air card we were running on, faster than the charter service we had at our previous location. Thank you!"

Jacqueline Hegger said "We made the switch to HCS for all three services as soon as it became available in our area and love it. Before switching our television service was pricey, our phone service was unreliable, and our Internet was slow. Now we have affordable television, reliable phone service, fast Internet service and best of all I can work from home without worrying any more about missing a phone call, email, or fax because of service. Thank you Highland Communications for having superior service and friendly staff."

Leonard Landmann is also a fan.   "Support local business" and because "the cost is less". He feels it was a good choice because "the service (if needed) is right here" and "it's a great company!" If you're on the fence about switching over he told us "the person we talked to about hook-up was very knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to" and "the installation was done by people who knew how!" "Keep up the good work.".