Press Release

The Police Department is aware of the planned demonstration scheduled for this Sunday at 4pm on the city square. The organizer has been in contact with the Chief of Police and we have no reason to believe the event will be anything more than a peaceful demonstration as it was in June.

We have received several questions about whether or not a permit is required for this demonstration. The City of Highland has Special Event Applications for events with expected crowds of over 150, require or request city services, or could impact traffic flow or safety. Because this event does not impact any of those criteria, it does not require a Special Event Permit.

A link to the Special Event Application can be found here: https://www.highlandil.gov/departments/public_safety/police_department/forms.php

This morning we were made aware of a potential counter-demonstration as well. We will be attempting to make contact with the group or organizer to discuss any planned activities.

We at the Highland Police Department are very grateful for the support we receive from everyone in our community. We stand ready to serve our community in any way needed to protect the rights and safety of all our citizens.