Tree Commission

List of 2021 Tree Commission Meeting Dates

Kurt Vonder Haar, Tree Commission
Term Expires:  July 2021

Larry Brammer, Tree Commission
Term Expires:  July 2021

My name is Larry Brammer,   Since my retirement as an electronic technician for the Washington DC subway system and our move to Illinois, I have enjoyed being more active in a variety of environmental groups such as the Illinois Native Plant Society, Heartland Conservancy, Audubon Society and the Sierra Club.  As a master naturalist I enjoy working with private and public property owners to improve their wildlife habitat.  My wife and I also care for our two granddaughters during the work week.  

Robert Coleman, Tree Commission
Term Expires:  July 2022

Kathryn Comish, Tree Commission
Term Expires:  July 2022

Linda Montayne, Tree Commission
Term Expires:  July 2023

Linda Montayne is a retired library associate and a former founding member of the Highland Parks and Recreation Commission. She volunteers for Partners for Pets in Troy, Illinois, and is a member of the Carlinville Writer's Guild. She is an active member of Highland Hope Church (UMB) where she serves on a number of committees and is Chairperson of the Missions Committee.  In her spare time she enjoys her two cats, Saylor and Jades, reads, dances, and enjoys most outdoor activities such as bicycling the Madison County trails and walking.  She is also a political and environmental activist.

Heather Warren, Parks & Rec Advisory Commission & Tree Commission
Tree Commission Term Expires:  July 2021

My name is Heather Warren and I am originally from Niceville, FL.  We ended up stationed  at Scott AFB after our 4 year tour in Germany due to the military.  My husband retired from the military and we chose Highland, IL as our home about 6 years ago.  We have 3 boys, 2 who have graduated and one that is currently attending school here in Highland.  When I am not being a mom/wife, I am an artist and have been for 9 years, and I am also a Genealogist helping adoptees find their birth parents through DNA and research. 

3 year/ The Tree Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month at 4:00 PM, at the Korte Recreation Center, #1 Nagel Drive. 

The Highland Tree Commission is a committee of Highland residents that are appointed by the mayor.  These individuals are responsible for maintenance, inventory, and growing our urban forest.

Mark Rosen, 618-651-1386