Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Christopher Conrad City Manager (618)-654-9891
Highland Police Department Charlie Becherer Interim Chief of Police (618)-654-2131
Building & Zoning Breann Vazquez Director of Community Development (618)-654-7115
Building & Zoning Mike Hanna Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer (618)-654-7115
Building & Zoning Chris Straub Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer (618)-654-7115
Economic Development Mallord Hubbard Economic & Business Recruitment Coordinator (618)-654-9891
Parks & Recreation Mark Rosen Director of Parks & Recreation (618)-651-1386
Parks & Recreation Nancy Gramlich Programs, Operations, & Facility Manager (618)-651-1386
Parks & Recreation Laura Wilken Aquatics & Facility Manager (618)-651-1386
Parks & Recreation Brad Koehnemann Parks & Recreation Manager (618)-651-1386
Parks & Recreation Ryan Hummert Natural Resource Manager (618)-654-6071
Parks & Recreation Lucas Pinsker Sports, Leisure, and Facility Manager (618)-654-6071
Parks & Recreation Hillary Held Fitness & Well-being Manager (618)-651-1386
Parks & Recreation Kody Welch Front Desk Manager (618)-651-1386
Technology & Innovation Angela Imming Director (618)-654-1519
Technology and Innovation Jordan Bauer Mgr. Data Center & Field Operations (618)-654-1519
Highland Communication Services Terri Hoffmann Customer Service Representative (618)-654-1519
Technology & Innovation Mike Russell Systems Engineer (618)-654-1519
Technology & Innovation Sandy Bisto Administrative Assistant (618)-654-1519
Highland Communication Services Matt King Service Technician (618)-654-1519
Highland Communication Services Andrew Metter Service Technician (618)-654-1519
Highland Communication Services Clayton Moore Service Technician (618)-654-1519
General Administration Kelly Korte Director of Finance (618)-654-9891
General Administration Reanna Ohren Assistant Director of Finance (618)-654-9891
General Administration Ann Stoecklin Payroll and Benefits Coordinator (618)-654-9891
General Administration Cindy Emig Utility Billing Supervisor (618)-654-9891
General Administation Dawn Zobrist Accounting Clerk/Receptionist (618)-654-9891
General Administration Lisa LeJeune Accounting Clerk/Receptionist (618)-654-9891
City Clerk's Office Lana R. Hediger Executive Asst. & Deputy City Clerk (618)-654-9891
City Clerk's Office Megan Von Hatten Administrative Asst. & Deputy City Clerk (618)-654-9891
Kevin B. Hemann Mayor (618)-654-9891
Public Works Joe Gillespie Director of Public Works (618)-654-6823
Public Works Jeff Voss Resident Engineer (618)-654-6823
Public Works Nancy Jackson Administrative Assistant (618)-654-6823
Public Works Clint Conrad Street & Alley  Supervisor (618)-654-6823
Public Works Randy Rinderer Water Distribution & Sewer Collection Supervisor (618)-654-6823
Public Works Bill Zimmer Water Reclamation Facility Supervisor (618)-654-8122
Public Works Mike Buss Water Treatment Plant Supervisor (618)-654-9321
Human Resources Jackie Heimburger Director of Support Services/Operations Manager (618)-654-3473
General Administration Keith Reece Facilities Maintenance Manager (618)-654-9891
Elected Official Barbara Bellm City Clerk (618)-654-9891
Elected Official Dennis Foehner City Treasurer (618)-654-9891
Elected Official Rick Frey City Councilman (618)-654-9891
Elected Official Peggy Bellm City Councilwoman (618)-654-9891
Elected Official Sarah Sloan City Councilwoman (618)-654-9891
Elected Official John Hipskind City Councilman (618)-654-9891
Michael McGinley City Attorney (618)-654-9891