Our Mission & Vision

Explore Highland.  Feel home.  Pass it on.

In the midst of the hushed lull of excited football fans, the Friday Night Lights draw attention to an unassuming destination that epitomizes the Midwest and all of its quaint lore.  Highland, Il, is a community with 10,000 of the nicest friends you’ve not yet met. 

Our storied community is known for UFO sightings. We are known as the birthplace of Pet Milk and Schott Brewery.  We are also known for our cutting edge technology with 128 miles of municipally owned fiber optic cable and gigabit internet speeds.  We are known for our Mayberry feel and for our innovative spirit. 

Where else can one sit amongst 800 acres of green space, overlooking a 90 acre lake while browsing over a gigabit internet connection?

When a young couple approached the City, committed to renovating our beloved Lory Theatre, we were thrown back to the release of Star Wars, first dates and all the memories of our youth.  We came together, knowing this must happen.  We supported the movement, they endured and, we are now able to catch a new release, adding to our memory bank. 

When the pandemic hit and the world became isolated, we became closer, in spirit.  Maintaining our distance, we brought food to sick friends, ran errands for neighbors, and completed yard work for those recovering.  We care for one another.  We know our greatest strength is the belief we have in others.  

We’ve seen local friends build nationally recognized corporations and we’re home to global industries who find Highland a perfect match for their corporate headquarters.  From niche gift shops and balloon artists, to Armenia for animal nutrition, Highland offers something for everyone. 

Award winning schools?  Yes. Blue Ribbon Schools. Outstanding sports presence? Yes. In fact, we have two baseball players in the major leagues as we speak and a Big Ten football player.  Senior Living?  Yes, in fact, brand new constructions for you or your loved one.  We are the 7th safest community in the State of Illinois, so you can rest easy that your child playing outside will risk no more than a skinned knee and your aging parents will sleep soundly.

You see, when our community was settled years ago by the Swiss, Highlanders became accustomed to not having to choose.  We don’t choose between a small town feel and big town amenities; we expect both.  We don’t choose between safe, neighborly communities and modern condo living; we expect both.  We don’t choose walk-ability over playgrounds and parks; we expect both.  We don’t support our locally owned downtown shops over chain retail; we expect both.  

In Highland IL we are mindful of our past.  We keep an eye to the future.  We celebrate today.  

Explore Highland.  Feel home.  Pass it on.

pass it on