Cemetery Board of Managers

List of Cemetery Board of Managers' 2020 Meetings

Meeting Schedule:

Meets quarterly-January, April, July, and October-4th Wednesday at 4:00pm at City Hall.

The purpose of the Cemetery Board of Managers is to oversee the operations and finances of the Highland City Cemetery to provide a well-maintained, peaceful place for people to grieve and pay their respect to those who have passed away. Contact Lana Hediger at City Hall if you  are interested in purchasing  grave spaces in the Highland City Cemetery.

Cemetery Board Members:
(2 Year Terms)
Stephen Edward Thiems, President
Term Expires: March 1, 2021

Clifton A. Couch, Treasurer
Term Expires: March 1, 2021

Dennis Rinderer, Secretary
Term Expires: March 1, 2022