Department of Public Works

Director:  Joe Gillespie
Office Location:  1113 Broadway, Highland, IL  62249

The Department of Public Works has four divisions consisting of Street and Alley, Water Distribution/Sewer Collection, Water Treatment Plant, and Water Reclamation Facility providing maintenance and management throughout the city.

The administration office has three full-time employees including the director, resident engineer, and administrative assistant.
See below for more information on each division and their responsibilities.

Mission Statement for the Department of Public Works
To serve the community with safe and efficient operations for water, sewer, and roadway systems.

Supervisor:  Clint Conrad
Building Location:  12263 Highland Road, Highland, IL  62249

Not Open to the Public

The Street and Alley Division has eight full-time employees to maintain improvements within the rights-of-way of Highland. Various duties include street sweeping, snow plowing, sidewalk repair and replacement, pavement patching, tree pruning and removal, storm sewer maintenance, mosquito abatement, grass and weed control of right-of-way, and maintenance of approximately 66 miles of streets and alleys.
All streets and alleys within city limits are maintained by the Street and Alley Division. The division's largest annual project is the street sealing program where crews seal the oil-and-chip streets on a rotating basis. Street sweeping is provided all year round. The sweeper is forced to bypass any areas with cars parked along the curb. Street signs are maintained and replaced on an as needed basis. If you see a street sign missing or damaged, please call the Department of Public Works.

Sewers may become momentarily overwhelmed and may not take water immediately during substantial rainfall in a short period. When the storm weakens and the sewer is still not draining at all, please call the Public Works office. Please help keep the inlets clean by removing leaves and other debris off of the storm sewer grates. Crews clean and flush storm sewers when needed.

Supervisor: Ron Donoho
Building Location:  12916 Iberg Road, Highland, IL  62249

Not Open to the Public

The Water Reclamation Facility has three full-time employees to process wastewater for Highland residents and businesses. 

The process uses an oxidation ditch and aerobic digester to treat a average 1.1 million gallons per day (gpd) with a total design capacity of 2.0 million gpd.


Supervisor: Randy Rinderer
Building Location:  2610 Plaza Drive, Highland, IL  62249

Not Open to the Public

The Water Distribution/Sewer Collection Division has seven  full-time employees.  Various duties include water main repair, hydrant flushing, hydrant testing, new water services, sanitary sewer main jetting, and manhole maintenance.  The division is responsible for 89 miles of water main and 61 miles of sanitary sewer.

**   If you see a suspicious amount of water running, please call the City of Highland.

**   Sanitary sewer backups should be reported to the Department of Public Works to check the status of the sewer mains that are City maintained. Crews will determine if the problems is a City responsibility or that of the homeowner.

Supervisor:  Gary Pugh
Building Location:  3035 Highland Park Road, Highland, IL  62249

Not Open to the Public

The Water Treatment Plant has four full-time employees to process and supply water to Highland, St. Jacob, Grantfork, Pierron, and Country Hills Subdivision.

The plant treats surface water drawn from Silver Lake.  The average daily process produces 1.2 million gallons per day (gpd) with a total design capacity of 4.2 million gpd.  Finished water is stored and distributed from the ground storage and standpipe tank on IL Rte. 143, the elevated tower at 13th and Zschokke streets, and the clear wells at the plant.