City Council Agenda in regards to Cannabis Statement

Message regarding City Council meeting agenda items related to cannabis, specifically:

Bill #20-55/ORDINANCE Amending Chapter 4, Cannabis, Repealing and Replacing Article II, and Opting Out of Licensing Cannabis Dispensaries

Bill #20-56/ORDINANCE Amending the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 90, Establishing Zoning Regulations for Cannabis Craft Growing Facilities in Industrial Zoning District

Bill #20-57/ORDINANCE Amending the Code of Ordinances Chapter 4, Cannabis, To Permit Craft Growing of Cannabis in Industrial Zoning Districts

The items listed above were on the agenda for the City Council meeting on April 6, 2020.  At that meeting those items were postponed as follows:


Excerpt from Minutes of April 6, 2020, Highland City Council Meeting:

Requests of Council:

     Mayor Michaelis asked councilmembers to go to items S, T, & U on the agenda.  Mayor Michaelis read a recommendation by City Attorney McGinley submitted to Mayor Michaelis, in which Attorney McGinley recommended postponing those three items on the agenda, as the City believes it would be best to wait to act on these motions until the public is allowed back in the Council Chambers for public comment and discussion.  The City also believes this will give City residents plenty of notice ahead of any vote so they can express their opinion on these issues.  If the Governor has not lifted the Corona virus restrictions by June 1, 2020, we will postpone these motions until the Governor lifts the Corona virus restrictions, and until we can allow the public back into the Council Chambers for a meeting.  The City Council wants to make sure the citizens are heard on issues dealing with cannabis prior to any vote.  Councilwoman Bellm made a motion to postpone Items S, T & U on the agenda, for the reasons as stated by Mayor Michaelis.  Motion seconded by Councilman Frey.  Roll Call Vote: Councilmembers Sloan, Frey, Bellm and Hipskind voted aye, none nay.  Motion carried.

 It was the intention of the City Council to address these items after public access to the meetings was restored.  At this time, meetings are still being held via telephone conference.  These items will not be addressed by council until the public has full access to attend the meetings and speak to the council members in person. 

As we do not know at this time, when we will be able to open our meetings to allow in-person attendance, those interested in having input on these items should continue to watch the council meeting agendas, which are posted no less than 48 hours prior to each meeting. 

Agendas may be accessed using this link: