Awaiting specifics on Governor Pritzker's Stay-at-Home Mandate


The Governor’s Press conference held on April 23rd probably left you with a lot of questions.  We have many questions as well and we look forward to receiving Gov. Pritzker’s written resolution so we can begin to understand the next phase of our stay-at-home mandate.  When we receive it, we will provide you with as much detail as we can.

In the meantime, we want to thank you all very much for cooperation and positive attitudes you’ve shown during this unprecedented time.  We are not at all surprised that the Highland spirit continues to guide us toward making decision based on fact and the good of our families, friends and neighbors.  Keep up the great work Bulldog (and Viking!) Nation!

Don’t forget to be counted!

Our census replies are up 8% and we don’t want to stop until each and every one of our citizens is counted.  Take some time this weekend and go to the on-line census tracking website to complete the 2020 census.  Click here to go to the Census website:

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

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