Talking Points:  Do's and Don'ts of Social Distancing


Ok Highland and everyone out there in Bulldog Nation, we know it’s not easy staying at home especially when the weather is as great as it has been this week. We here at the PD have noticed more folks getting out and walking and doing a great job at social distancing. But this also puts us in situations where it’s easy to slip back into our old habits and before you know it…we’re in groups; we’re standing in line on top of each other; and we’re potentially spreading the virus.

How serious is the stay at home order? This virus spreads in a sneaky and devious way, and doesn’t care how old you are, how strong you are, or how healthy you think you are. In addition to the many healthcare workers who have contracted and succumbed to this virus, in Illinois we lost our first police officer to this virus today, CPD Detective Marco Di Franco. It’s serious.

Bulldog Nation, we have to look long term and realize that our short-term individual sacrifices will have long-term benefits for our community. So to help everyone out, we’ve created some scenarios about social distancing we have come across this week:

Q: Since grocery stores are essential and still open, should I bring my entire family to browse the store while I shop?

A: NO! This exposes multiple people to a potential single source. Don’t gamble with the lives of your loved ones or the fantastic employees who are keeping these stores running. Only who needs to go should go to the store.

Q: All my neighbors are outside in their yards and are talking in groups, is this ok since we are outdoors in the fresh air?

A: NO! Whether indoors or outdoors, social distancing applies and the virus can still spread. If they aren’t living in your household, keep your distance.

Q: My teenager wants to go hang out with their buddies at the park, is this ok since they will be outdoors?

A: NO! No teenager in the history of the world has ever been able to maintain a social distance of 6 inches let alone 6 feet from their friends. Combine this with their reluctance to shower and general aversion to personal hygiene, teenagers hanging out together at all during this quarantine is a really bad idea!

Q: My teenager wants to go hang out at a friend’s house. Is this ok since it will just be the 2 of them?

A: NO! Respect the other families’ health and keep your teenager at home! 

Q: All my kid’s friends are allowed to go out at night and it makes it hard for me to tell my kid they have to stay home. What should I say?

A: NO! “Sorry kiddo, I promised myself I wouldn’t be the parent who made a poor choice and put pressure on another parent to also make a poor choice. If you ask me again we’re starting this 1000 piece puzzle while watching the Hallmark channel.”  (They’ll leave you alone, I promise!)

Q: I want to run to the store but there is a line of people standing at the door all next to each other. What should I do?

A: Wait in your car until the line has dissipated, and the crowd has dispersed enough that you can be safe and practice good social distancing. 

We have 30 confirmed cases in Madison County and we need to be extra vigilant in our social distancing. We should all take the point of view that we personally have it and don’t want to spread it to others. If we do that, we will flatten that curve.

Be safe Bulldog Nation! Stay Home and Stay Healthy!

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