Spring Weather Means Sirens!

It is spring storm season for Highland, and we always get questions about the Outdoor Weather Sirens and what they mean when they are activated.   Here is our policy:

The sirens are intended to warn people who are outdoors about an approaching severe thunderstorm or tornado that is within 15 miles of and tracking towards Highland. Severe Thunderstorms according to the National Weather Service means hail of 1 inch in diameter or more, and sustained winds of 58 mph or more, this includes tornados. We use 15 miles and tracking towards Highland as our guide so people will have 10-15 mins to find shelter, since these sirens are designed for those who are working or recreating outdoors.

We would also like to sincerely Thank Old Herald Brewery & Distillery in Collinsville, IL for your production and donation of the hand sanitizer during this time of need. We greatly appreciate it!

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!


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