Press Release:  Updates to City Protocols;  COVID-19 details


city shields
City of Highland
Police Department
                             Christopher J. Conrad, Chief of Police




  • In an effort to prevent social transmissions, effective today March 19, 2020, the City has imposed curfews on the City Parks from sunset to sunrise. This is to eliminate gatherings of large groups of teenagers in our parks after sunset which does not support our current requests and efforts of social distancing. Additionally, we ask parents of teenagers to support this action.
  • In response to the Governor’s order suspending certain provisions of the Open Meetings Act, the City of Highland has implemented a procedure to allow citizens to call in and monitor meetings by phone by calling 618-882-5625 and when prompted, enter a conference ID # 422312. This allows audio only and does not allow for public comments. Public comments can be submitted to or by using the citizens’ portal on the city’s website found here:  Any comments received prior to the end of the “Public Forum” portion of the meeting, will be read into the record. 
  • There was a Facebook message being circulated that Madison County was under a “lock down”. This is not accurate because it comes from a Madison County, Indiana Emergency Management Facebook page. This was verified with Madison County, Illinois EMA Assistant Director Mary Kate Brown. Please be mindful of social media posts you are sharing and verify they are accurate and from reputable sources.
  • The State of Illinois has opened a COVID-19 Coronavirus specific website that compiles all State Response information, it can be found:


Thank you to all our citizens of Highland for how responsible you have been in your actions and for the numerous acts of kindness we have seen over the last few days as we go through this together. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!


Again, all information can be found on our city website:


State of Illinois Coronavirus response:


Illinois Department of Public Health:


Centers for Disease Control: