City of Highland Police Protocol in response to COVID-19

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City of Highland
Police Department
                             Christopher J. Conrad, Chief of Police

March 17, 2020

In response to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19 and the National, State and City's declaration of an emergency, the Highland Police Department will be making temporary operational changes to the way in which it responds to calls for service. The City of Highland takes pride in providing a safe working environment for its employees, and these steps are being taken to reduce the risk of exposure so that the quality of service you expect from our agency can be maintained. Here are some of the ways the police department will be altering our response to the public for the immediate future:

  • In an effort to follow social distancing protocols, incidents not requiring officer presence will be handled over the phone when possible.
  • Emergency calls, crimes in progress and incidents requiring immediate response will still be investigated by officers in person, however:
  • Officers may be wearing protective gloves or masks when they arrive on scene or make contact with you.
  • Officers will practice social distancing, an attempt to reduce exposure risk by maintaining a gap of at least 6 feet between them and you.
    • Officers may not shake your hand during initial greeting or as they leave.
    • When an officer responds to an incident at your residence, the officer may ask you to step outside of the residence to speak with him if it is safe and practical. The officer may not enter the residence unless absolutely necessary.
    • The lobby of the police department is currently open to the public. However, if it is not necessary for you to come to the department to report your issue or crime in non­ emergency situations, please call the police department at 618-654-2131. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.


You will still see officers on patrol in your area. We are taking the steps outlined above to address the health and safety concerns for our police officers, civilian personnel, telecommunicators and the community so that we will all be available to you in your time of need.