Republic Services Acquires Sanders Waster

**All cloth furniture must be wrapped in plastic to be removed by trash services**

On August 1, 2022, Republic Services purchased Sanders Waste, the refuse collection contractor for the City of Highland. Republic Services have assumed the contract to provide refuse collection services for the City.  Due to change in staff, the first few weeks of the transition have not been smooth and we realize this has impacted the service to our citizens. We have been in frequent contact with the new staff working with them to address the service issues. While Republic Services are training their new staff, we ask that any citizen whose refuse collection is missed report the issue to City Hall by either using our online citizen request portal on our website under the “Take Action” tab:; or by contacting City Staff at 618-654-9891 Option 3. We will send any addresses missed to Republic Services at the end of each day and a truck will be dispatched the following day.

We appreciate your patience as our contractor goes through this transition.