Be Ready for the SNOW!

Feb. 1, 2022


In advance of severe winter weather, please be aware of the City’s snow emergency plan for safe traveling.

When falling snow reaches an amount of two inches, or sleet or freezing rains make motor vehicle travel treacherous, a snow emergency is in effect. Parking on designated city streets is prohibited or restricted for snowplowing or other purposes until such operations are completed. Snow emergency routes are designated as follows:

Poplar St.; Lindenthal Ave.; Washington St. from Lindenthal to Broadway; Walnut St. from Broadway to U.S. Hwy. 40; Hemlock; Cypress St. from Broadway to 6th St.; Sycamore St.; Woodcrest Dr.; 6th St. from Poplar St. to Walnut St.; Broadway; Sunflower from Coventry to Broadway; Coventry from Sunflower to Iberg Rd.

Alleys are not plowed.

Please use off-street parking where available so the crews can effectively plow the streets. Our Street and Alley crews appreciate your cooperation and consideration as they work to clear the streets.

City of Highland Snow Route Map