Notice Regarding Hydrant Flushing and Your Water

City of Highland Water Division Notice

City of Highland Water Division will be making a change from chloramines to free chlorine for the next few weeks beginning October 4, 2021.  You may notice a chlorine smell in the water during this temporary change. 

The Water and Sewer Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works will be flushing fire hydrants in Highland beginning October 4, 2021 and continue for next 2-3 weeks as part of our bi-annual routine water system maintenance.

You may experience low water pressure and water discoloration when the hydrants in your area are flushed.  Pressures will return to normal after flushing.  If the water is discolored, allow fixtures to run for a short while until it clears.  If the water does not clear, please call Public Works and we will send someone to investigate.