Due to a change in our online utility payment system, you must update your saved payment method.  If you have enrolled your account with recurring billing (auto pay), you will be receiving email reminders to update your payment method.    

The changes are easy to make.  When you log onto your account at, a video is available that will help you make the necessary changes or you can follow the steps outlined below:

  • Click on the My Profile tab,  

My profile

  • First delete your existing payment methods by clicking "Remove" next to the payment method. If this action prompts any pop-ups, click “OK” to proceed to the next step.

remove account

  • While still on the My Profile tab, click "Add a new payment method" and enter the details for the payment method you would like to use and select any options you require, then click “Add payment method to this customer” to save your new payment methosave new payment
  • To confirm that you have added a new payment method correctly, your newly added payment method will appear on the Make Payment or Add Credit tab listed under Existing Payment Options.


save payment method

If you do not see your newly added payment method, repeat the steps above.  You can always call us at 654-9891 for assistance.

It’s a simple change to continue utilizing the system that puts your account in your control!

If you are not currently enrolled, or have never used this online payment system, give it a try at or by clicking the pay my bill link on our homepage at

Once there you will have the opportunity to process a payment for your utility bill with no registration required or to register your account and save a payment method for future payments.

Once registered, a quick email verification can then allow you to enroll in recurring billing (auto pay), thereby reducing your need to process a payment monthly for your City of Highland utility bill.

It’s up to you whether you choose to use a checking account or credit card to process any online payment.

You also will have the option to receive your monthly bill via email, paper copy via mail, or both methods.
As an added bonus, enrollment to the system allows you to review graphs of your utility consumption history for electric and water usage and your billing and payment history. 

Don’t miss this chance to continue utilizing this convenient payment option offered by the City of Highland. 

Interested in learning more or need help enrolling, updating payment methods, or adding accounts to your enrollment?  Contact us at 654-9891 or


Illinois 24/7 Hotline: 1-800-889-3931 or email