In an Emergency call 911 or 618-654-2131 immediately.  
If you use a medical alert system please use the 
618-654-2131 number with your chosen company. However, for patient transfers consider the treatment/services offered when choosing an ambulance service. 

Highland Fire-EMS is committed to providing the highest level of care to the communities of Highland, Pierron, St. Jacob, St. Rose, Grantfork and Marine. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responds to Emergency scene calls, Emergency Inter-facility transfers, and Non-emergency transfers to extended care facilities of private residences.The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides paramedic level of care for the community and the surrounding area, with a call volume of approximately 2,400 requests for service per year. Highland Fire-EMS maintains a fleet of four Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) ambulances, staffing two units 24 hours a day, one unit 12 hours a day, 7 days a week with the fourth in reserve. However, an ambulance is just a vehicle full of equipment, and would be incomplete without the personnel who provide the care. Our Service is blessed with Paramedics and Basic EMT’s who dedicate their time and considerable talents to serve our community. 

Brian Wilson, EMS Chief