Membership Processing

Memberships may not be cancelled unless documentation is provided for moving 15 or more miles from current residence from Highland.  Auto-debited memberships may be cancelled after completing one continuous year.  After one year, a form must be completed by the 1st of the month in order to stop the payment for that month.  As required by the City Attorney, the form must be signed by both heads of household for family membership cancellations.

A $20 penalty applies for insufficient funds. 

Family rates include all people at the residence with proper verification of their address such as a recent bill with their name on it. Residency verification is required for everyone 18 and older.  

Photo identification is required by anyone 16 years of age or older.  A parent or guardian may vouch for children’s identification if they are under 16.  

Grandparents that provide legal documentation of permanent custody of a grandchild living at their residence may place their grandchild on their family pass.