KRC Childcare

Attend a class, swim, or exercise and leave your child in the daycare area with the supervision of KRC staff. Maximum length for each visit is two hours.
daycare inside
Operating Hours

Monday through Friday 8:30am to 11:30am 
Monday through Thursday 4:30pm to 7:45pm 
Saturday 8:00am to 11:30am

Ages:  6 months through 9 years of age

$ 2.50/per child
$ 45 for a 20 visit pass
$ 85 for a 40 visit pass
Premium Membership includes Unlimited Daycare

Rules and Regulations:
1.  Staff do not change diapers or assist children with restroom breaks. If the child requires a diaper change or restroom assistance, the caregiver will be paged. A changing table is provided in the daycare restroom.
2.  No food or drink of any kind is allowed in the daycare area.
3.  Adult Caregiver must stay in the facility at all times.
4.  Caregiver must sign-in upon arrival. Information includes child's name, adult's name, time in/out, location, and signature.
5.  If a child begins to cry and staff cannot console the child after 10 minutes adult caregiver will be notified.
6.  Children will not be permitted in the daycare area with a fever or if they have had a fever within 24 hours. Children with contagious illness are not to be brought to the facility.
7.  If the need arises for the building to be evacuated, caregivers should not attempt to retrieve their child from the daycare area. They should proceed to the nearest exit and meet their children in the parking lot on the west side (near football fields) of the building. Staff will safely evacuate all children and wait for you to pick them up.