Utility Rates and Information

Questions about your Utility Bill should be directed to 618-654-9891  (Option #3)  or cityhall-frontdesk@highlandil.gov

Utility Deposits
The City of Highland requires a customer deposit to be collected on each utility account.  The amount collected is approximately the average monthly utility bill at the location.  The deposit is collected at the time of move in and will remain on the account for either one year or until the customers moves from the utility location.  A deposit can be avoided by providing a credit letter from a recently used utility supplier for services held in the utility applicant's name. 

Penalty Charges
An additional penalty charge at a rate of 1.5% per month will be charged for each utility bill not paid in full by the due date.  If proper payment or acceptable arrangements have not been made  by 10 days following the due date, a notice a disconnect will be delivered including a $20 service charge.

Disconnection Procedure
If payment has not been made on an account by the date indicated on the disconnection notice, the utility service may be disconnected.  If utility service has been disconnected, an additional re-connection fee is required before services will be resumed.

Returned Check Charge
Checks returned by the bank for any reason are subject to a $25 service charge and prompt payment is expected to cover the amount returned.

Moving or Needing to Cancel Your Service?
Contact City Hall at 618-654-9891 (Option #3) or cityhall-frontdesk@highlandil.gov at least 24 hours in advance of the next business day of the change in service.  A forwarding address is required and if renting the landlord name is requested to close out services in your name.  Upon completion of the final readings on the move out date a final bill will be sent to you

Utility Rates

Electric rates are located here: Electric Rates

Water Rates are located here: Water Rates

Sewer Rates are located here: Sewer Rates
Trash information is located here: Trash Rates and Information


The City of Highland would like to remind you to contact us with concerns relating to your utility accounts in an effort to keep your accounts as current as possible.  Please contact us at 618-654-9891 (Option #3) or cityhall-frontdesk@highlandil.gov to discuss the various options that we can offer to you.