Residential Trash Service

Recycling and Trash Changes Coming Soon:  Recycling and Trash FAQ's

New Refuse Rates Effective October 2023
Residential: $30.00
Businesses without a permanent  dumpster: $46.00
Click link below for updated dumpster rates.
October 2023 Dumpster Rates


Refuse service is contracted by the City of Highland to Republic Services


  • LABOR DAY    

(If a scheduled collection falls on any above holiday, collection will be made the following working day.  There will be no service interruption if the holiday is a Saturday or Sunday)

To ensure pickup, refuse must be placed out before 7:00 a.m.

The residential refuse rate is $30.00 per month,  and included in the monthly utility bill.  There are no prorated bills for trash service.

The rate for businesses without a permanent dumpster is $46.00 per month (6 bag limit).

Refuse Guidelines

- Residential refuse, recycling, and yard waste is unlimited for pickup with the exception of televisions and computer components.

- Containers not to exceed 33 gallons in size or 50 pounds in weight.  Trash must be bagged and containerized for sanitary and safety purposes.

- Yard waste must be no larger than 4 inches in diameter and no longer than 4 feet in bundles.

- All yard waste will be placed in a can with a red  X or a Kraft paper bag.

- Other large, bulky items (ie: furniture, mattresses, other household items)  require advance notice.  You may contact us at 618-654-9891 (Option 3) or at at least the day before your regular pickup so we may schedule pickup of these large items.  Collection of these items will be on the regularly scheduled pickup day.  Mattresses, couches and loveseats are required to be  wrapped in plastic.

- Construction material is not considered a "bulky item", and requires placement within a temporary dumpster for its collection and removal.  Please contact City hall at 618-654-9891 (Option 3)  within 24 hours of dumpster placement to order a temporary dumpster.  Rates are listed below.

-No pool chemicals, needles, batteries, tires, motor oil or gas or paint cans (unless completely empty and dry) will be picked up.

-Appliance pickup can be arranged by contacting City Hall during normal business hours.

-Recycling containers are no longer available at City Hall.  Recycling containers can be obtained at retail locations and must contain the recycling logo on the exterior of the container.
-Acceptable items for recycling include:
      Paper Products: Junk mail, Chipboard (cereal boxes, soda cases, etc), Printed material (magazines, paperback books, catalogs, telephone books, etc), Newspaper, Gift Wrap, Mixed office paper, and corrugated cardboard (broken down and tied with twine maximum size 2' by 3'    
      Containers: (Remove all lids and caps and rinse all bottles and cans) Aluminum and Tin Cans, Glass bottles (green, amber, and clear), Plastic (recycle symbol #1,2,3,4,5&7), Colored HPDE (detergent, bleach bottles, etc)

-Unacceptable items for Recycling (can be disposed through the trash service) include:
     Food contaminated packaging (Pizza boxes, food wrappers, etc), Containers previously containing products such as cooking or motor oil, Styrofoam products, disposable diapers, and plastic grocery bags.

Residential Trash is removed per the following scheduled days per the color coded map:
Trash removal Map


Permanent Containers for Containerized Businesses 

If more than 3 empties per week are needed, contact City Hall 618-654-9891  (Option 3)
Monthly Charges are listed below and will be included on the dumpster location's utility bill.

Size 1 Empty 2 Empties 3 Empties 
2 yard $108.00 $153.00 $210.00
4 Yard $162.00 $228.00 $365.00
6 Yard $216.00 $291.00 $395.00
8 Yard $250.00 $387.00 $567.00
Business Container Service (Compacted)
2 Yard Comp. $129.00 $173.00 $260.00
4 Yard Comp $160.00 $310.00 $440.00
6 Yard Container $201.00 $401.00 $657.00
20 Yard Container $605.00 $1,220.00 $2,120.00
30 Yard Container $695.00 $1,425.00 $1,810.00
40 Yard Container $726.00 $1,719.00 $2,647.00

Container Size         Charge per extra empty (Permanent Dumpsters Only)
           2yd                                                  $75.00
           4yd                                                  $90.00
           6yd                                                  $105.00
           8yd                                                  $120.00

Please contact City Hall to schedule an extra empty during normal business hours.

Temporary Dumpsters Service Call Republic Services
Contact:  Republic Customer Service at 618-656-6883 to order a temporary dumpster

These dumpsters can be utilized by residential or business customers and require 24 hour business day notice before placement and are only serviced Monday - Friday.  
Please note that the Contractor will not be held responsible for damage to property for normal placement and removal of dumpsters.  Please contact Republic Services at 618-656-6883 to order a temporary dumpster.  Charges relating to these services will be billed directly to the customer from Republic Services. 

Republic Services Roll Off Dumpster Sizes
Roll Off Dumpster Guidelines

Size Per Empty Delivery Fee RENTAL FEE
10 Yard (5x8x4.5 deep) $75.53 per ton $323.70 $17.26
20 Yard (22x8x6 deep) $75.53 per ton $323.70 $17.26
40 Yard (22x8x8 deep) $75.53 per ton $323.70 $17.26