Tree Information


Ownership -  City-owned trees are located in the right-of-way between the curb and the sidewalk, or if your street does not have a sidewalk, the right-of-way line is generally located 9 feet behind the back of the curb.  Trees located within the alley right-of-way are also city-owned.  The right-of-way line can typically be determined by measuring 10 feet from the center of the alley.  Should you have any doubt, please call the Department of Public Works at 618-654-9891.

Maintnenance -  The City is responsible for those trees located in the rights-of-way of Highland.  This includes routine pruning and safety hazard removals.  

We currently maintain street trees on a 4-year cycle.  The City is divided up into 4 sectors with one sector per year being maintained.  See the attached map below.

Any tree in need of attention, regardless of sector, will be evaluated and pruned/removed as necessary at any time.  Contact the Department of Public Works at 618-654-9891 to request tree maintenance.

Tree Pruning Sectors Map