Light & Power Department

The Highland Electric system, with an operating revenue of over $9 million, has been owned and operated by the City since 1899. The system presently serves 5,257 residential, 572 commercial and 193 industrial users spread out across a geographic area of approximately 64 square miles. Total electrical load for 2005 amounted to 124,921 megawatt-hours, with a peak load this past summer of 35.6 megawatts. 

The distribution system consists of 6,672 poles, 1,780 pole mounted transformers, 627 padmount transformers and 5 substations. There are 247 miles of overhead circuits and 77 miles of underground circuits (see map). 

In addition, the system now owns the 138 kV interconnect constructed by the IMEA (see map). This line, which is the main electric supply into the city, runs from Collinsville to the power plant yard. It consists of 176 poles spaced along a route that is 14.7 miles in length, connecting an Illinois Power transmission line to the 138 kV substation.

The City also has a firmly delineated service area, which stretches far outside the actual city limits. The City of Highland has agreed to service boundaries with Southwest Electric Co-Op, Clinton County Co-Op, and Illinois Power. (see map). The City has the right to serve any new customer within its service area, while continuing to serve existing customers outside its service area. The City is also allowed to serve new customers in existing developments outside of it service area.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Dan Cook Director of Light & Power
Lora Tebbe Administrative Assitant