Frequently Asked Questions

Finance Department

What is the Sales Tax Rate in Highland ?

The sales tax rate within Highland city limits is 7.85%. The breakdown is as follows:

State of Illinois5%
City of Highland1%
City of Highland (Non-Home Rule)1%
Madison County0.25%
MED Transit0.25%
MEPT Park0.10%
County Flood Prevention District0.25%

Food for human consumption which is to be consumed off the premises where it is sold (other than alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and food which has been prepared for immediate consumption), and prescription and non-prescription medicines, drugs, medical appliances, modifications to a motor vehicle for the purpose of rendering it usable by a disabled person, and insulin, urine testing utensils, syringes, and needles used by diabetics, for human use, the tax is imposed at the rate of 1%.

The Non-Home Rule sales tax rate of 1% is not applicable to motororized vehicles that require registration within the State of Illinois (most commonly these are automobiles, motorcycles, etc...)

What is the City's Hotel / Motel Tax Rate?

The City currently charges 5% on hotel room receipts. It is the responsibility of the hotel / motel to collect the tax and submit to the City's Finance Department prior to the end of the following month.

What are the City's portion of Property Taxes used for?         

Things Taxes are Used for

Why does my ambulance bill come from the City of Highland?

Local Ambulance service is provided by the City of Highland. The EMS department is a division of the City's Fire Department. For your convenience, the City will bill private insurance companies for ambulance service. Billing inquiries can be made by contacting city hall during normal business hours.

What is the Simplified Telecommunications Tax?

The Simplified Telecommunications Tax is a user tax assessed on telecommunication devices for Highland residents. The calculated amount is based on the gross charge paid for the act or priviledge of originating or receiving telecommunications in a municipality and for all services and equipment provided in connection therewith. As of January 1st 2004 the tax is 6%.

What Forms of Payment does the City Accept?

The city accepts cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express at City Hall.

After signing up for Auto-Pay, when will it begin?

Depending on when the application is received during your utility billing cycle, it may take up to two billings for Auto-Pay to begin. When you receive your utility bill in the mail, it will clearly state that the current bill will be drafted from your banking institution. Otherwise, you must still use a traditional payment option.