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Mike Dapkus
December 20, 2019:   Hey Highland, HCS internet just became available in our neighborhood. We've had Charter for the past several years. Has anyone else made the switch from Charter to HCS? Looking for some feedback from those that have been using HCS for a while. How's the support? Reliability? And speed of course! Thanks in advance.

Lynn Riddel:  lLove HCS. I only have internet. Speed is plenty fast. I believe I have 40mps down/up. I have never had an outage. Customer service was really great when I setup. I like that they offer different tiers for speeds.

Brenda Frasier:  I’ve had it for a couple years. I have the lowest speed and have had minimal problems. The only problem I’ve had is when two televisions are streaming at the same time the movie will stop in the middle and tell me my speed may be too slow. So, I would recommend a faster speed if there is a lot of streaming in your house. I’ve had no increases in rate and no loss of service.

Elizabeth O'Dell:  We moved here in March and went with Charter because that's who we had in Edwardsville. Two months in, we switched to HCS and I wish we'd gone with them from day one. Good speed, fantastic service, and reliable. Much more so than Charter, for sure.

Gwen McKinnon:  Been using it for over a yr. Internet and TV. No problems. Have not had it go out during storms. Unlike Direct Tv or Dish.

Christin Sander:  We use their service at our shop and love them - never an issue and the one time there was an outage it was an issue in another part of our building - not even on their end and a tech was there in a few minutes and stuck around until we were able to get the key and get into the other suite where the issue was. They do a fantastic job and are very helpful and friendly.

Pam Morris:   LawsonWe switched over 4 years complaints. Only one outage and it was up and running again in no time..service people are knowledgeable and courteous. With charter service was always going took days to get a service comparison what so ever.

Judy Luehm:  Love HCS if trouble on weekend got 24 hour call be your place in about 1 hour. They are fantastic. Terri amazing person to work with. Will help as much as she can

Gregory G Stoff:  Excellent, beats spectrum hands down

Judy Luehm:  Forgot we were one of the first to have it. On 3 month free trial basis, fantastic

                                                                                                                      .......Need we say more?