Water Treatment Plant

Building Location:  3035 Highland Park Road, Highland, IL  62249
Not Open to the Public

Supervisor:  Gary Pugh

November 9, 2021   City of Highland Water Division Notice

The City of Highland Water Division will be transitioning from free chlorine back to chloramines                            November 15, 2021.  This is a process that is done annually.  You may notice a difference in taste or odor.

Sept. 22, 2021   City of Highland Water Division Notice

City of Highland Water Division will be making a change from chloramines to free chlorine for the next few weeks beginning October 4, 2021.  You may notice a chlorine smell in the water during this temporary change.  Hydrant flushing will be done at the same time.

The Water Treatment Plant has four full-time employees to process and supply water to Highland, St. Jacob, Grantfork, Pierron, and Country Hills Subdivision.

The plant treats surface water drawn from Silver Lake.  The average daily process produces 1.2 million gallons per day (gpd) with a total design capacity of 4.2 million gpd.  Finished water is stored and distributed from the ground storage and standpipe tank on IL Rte. 143, the elevated tower at 13th and Zschokke streets, and the clear wells at the plant.