Water Distribution & Sewer Collection

Building Location:  2610 Plaza Drive, Highland, IL  62249
Not Open to the Public

Supervisor: Randy Rinderer

Water Main Breaks & Sewer Backups
Water main beaks require the water to be shut off. In the instance that this occurs at night, residents will not be awakened to be informed that their water is off. Please be aware that the Department of Public Works must wait for utility located before digging, sometimes causing short delays in the repair process. After the repair, water may be slightly cloudy but it will clear after running for a short time. A boil order may also be issued.
If you see a suspicious amount of water running, please call the Department of Public works at 618-654-6823. After hours please call the Highland Police Department at 618-654-2131.

Sanitary sewer backups should be reported to the Department of Public Works to check the status of the sewer mains that are City maintained. Crews will determine if the problems is a City responsibility or that of the homeowner.

How to deal with a sewer backup
When the sewer backup requires immediate action the Water & Sewer Department representatives are available to help resident determine the problem. Below are a few tips to help you deal with a sewer backup.

Always call the Department of Public Works at 618-654-6823 prior to calling a plumber when you experience a sanitary sewer backup, or when the problem seems to be caused from outside your home. A Water & Sewer Department representative will be dispatched to check the main sanitary sewer line at no cost to you.

If the blockage is located in the main sewer line, Department of Public Works will remedy the problem as quickly as possible.

If the blockage occurs between the main sewer line and your house, you will be required to call a plumber to remove the blockage.