The Highland Youth Sports Advisory Commission is a 501(c)3 orgnanization that partners with the Highland Parks & Recreation Department to conduct youth sports.  HYSAC is the Parks & Recreation Department's advisory commission that recommends and assists in developing standardized policies for youth sports.  The HYSAC is a volunteer organization comprised of parents and/or adults who are active in youth sports programs and capable of working together to create a youth sports environment that is beneficial to youth of all skill levels.

HYSAC's Mission: To establish policies for the continued success of youth sports in Highland while maintaining the goal of youth sports as recreational in nature.  To establish policies that provide the youth with the ability to have fair opportunities and equal play in a fun and educational environment.  To address the needs of the youth in a way that will encourage them to continue participation throughout their childhood years.

2020 Meeting Dates TBD

Board Members:

Aaron Nehrt: aaronnehrt@gmail.com

Rob Sigman: robdebsigman@yahoo.com

Debbie Shultz: dschultz@hogan1.com

Brad Kronk: bkronk7@gmail.com

Sydney Machuca: sydmachuca@gmail.com