Notable Companies

Schott Brewery
Because of the German and Swiss origin of the residents of Highland, ensured a demand for great beer. Gerhardt Schott opened Highland Brewing Company in 1855, the first and only brewery located in Highland Illinois. After 35 years, the brewery closed in 1920 during Prohibition. In 1933, the brewery re-opened as the Schott Brewing Company.
The brewery is no longer is use or open to the public, however it is the one of the most popular photography back drops in the city. 

Helvetia Milk Company
Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland. Because of the Swiss pioneers, the original name for the City was Helvetia. In the early 20th century, the town voted to change its name to the English version- highland. The city remains remindful of the past by utilizing Helvetica font, a Swiss typeface created by German and Swiss designers from the mid-1900s.

Wicks Organ Factory

The Korte Company
Highland Communication Services