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Department of Public Works
Contact Information:
Contact TypeContact Information
Director of Public Works
Resident Engineer
Administrative Assistant
1113 Broadway
P.O. Box 218
Highland, IL 62249-0218
(618) 654-6823
(618) 654-6086
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm
Mission Statement for the Department of Public Works

To serve the community with safe and efficient operations for water, sewer, and roadway systems.

Supervisor:  Clint Conrad
12263 Highland Road
P.O. Box 218
Highland, IL 62249-0218
Office:  618-654-6823

The Street and Alley division has seven full-time employees to maintain improvements within the rights-of-way of Highland. Various duties include street sweeping, snow plowing, sidewalk repair and replacement, pavement patching, tree pruning and removal, storm sewer maintenance, mosquito abatement, grass and weed control of right-of-way, and maintenance of approximately 66 miles of streets and alleys.

Supervisor:  Randy Rinderer
2610 Plaza Drive
P.O. Box 218
Highland, IL 62249-0218
Office:  618-654-6823

The Water Distribution / Sewer Collection Department has six full-time employees.  Various duties include water main repair, hydrant flushing, hydrant testing, new water services, sanitary sewer main jetting, and manhole maintenance.
The department is responsible for 89 miles of water main and 61 miles of sanitary sewer.

Supervisor:   Bill Zimmer
12916 Iberg Road
P.O. Box 218
Highland, IL  62249-0218
Office:  618-654-8122

The Water Reclamation Facility has four full-time employees to process wastewater for Highland residents.  
 The process uses an oxidation ditch and aerobic digester to treat an average 1.1 million gallons per day (gpd) with a total design capacity of 1.6 million gpd.

Supervisor:  Mike Buss
3035 Highland Park Road
P.O. Box 218
Highland, IL  62249-0218
Office:  618-654-9321

The Water Treatment Plant has four full-time employees to process and supply water to Highland, St. Jacob, Grantfork, and Pierron, Country Hills Subdivision.  
The plant treats surface water drawn from Silver Lake. The average daily process produces 1.2 million gallons per day (gpd) with a total design capacity of 4.2 million gpd. Finished water is stored and distributed from the ground storage tank on IL Rte. 143, the elevated tower at 13th and Zschokke streets, and the clear well at the plant.



City-owned trees are located in the right-of-way between the curb and the sidewalk, or if your street does not have a sidewalk, the right-of-way line is generally located 9 feet behind the back of curb.  Trees located within the alley right-of-way are also city-owned.  The right-of-way line can typically be determined by measuring 10 feet from the center of the alley.  Should you have any doubt, please call the Department of Public Works at 654-6823.


The City is responsible for those trees located in the rights-of-way of Highland.  This includes routine pruning and safety hazard removals.

We currently maintain street trees on a 4-year cycle.  The City is divided up into 4 sectors with one sector per year being maintained.  Any tree in need of attention, regardless of sector, will be evaluated and pruned/removed as necessary at any time.  Contact the Department of Public Works at 618-654-6823 to request tree maintenance.